White Opal

Metaphysical Properties of White opal

White Opal is stone that enhances sensitivity to Celestial and Angelic forces and helps you to find balance within all of your Chakras. White Opal possesses a wealth of positive and restorative energy that helps to soothe away voids and blockages. It is a stone that encourages you to live with authenticity, helps to draw abundance to you, and allows Angelic guides to communicate more clearly. White Opal absorbs malicious or negative energies around you, slowly converting them to positivity to prevent their interference in your life path. This stone resonates with tremendous power, acting as a catalyst for positive growth, spiritual evolution, and personal transformation.

Common White Opal does not feature the glittering fire of precious opals, and instead exhibits a gentle white, ivory, cream, beige, or brownish surface that is mostly opaque. Due to the growth patterns of Common White Opal, it may feature natural dips, caverns, or inclusions of surrounding minerals.

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