Zebra Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper naturally promotes unity and acceptance of the differences in others. It is an anti-negativity gemstone that provides a barrier from pessimism and negative thinking and promotes a positive, optimistic outlook in life. Zebra Jasper's cleansing power allows you to sweep away the darker thoughts that plague you and keep you from going after your dreams and goals in life. It can help keep you from becoming a worry-wart or second-guessing yourself out of a prosperous opportunity. The metaphysical properties of Zebra Jasper promote balance from within, allowing you to access both your feminine and masculine energies and learn from both perspectives. The true meaning of Zebra Jasper comes to life when it allows your mind to become transcendental and connect through higher paths of enlightenment.
Zebra Jasper is an opaque black and white, brown and ivory, or brown and tan gemstone. The gemstone variations all have splotches or bands reminiscent of a zebra's stripes.

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