Black Agate is a powerful stone for obliterating negativity and dissolving stress. It's a great gemstone to work with to provide clarity, clear confusion and find the right thought process. If you have trouble with commitment or making decisions the metaphysical properties of Black Agate afford you the confidence to be devoted to a personal path. Black Agate's cleansing properties can soothe the raw nerves of a tense household and promote a feeling of oneness, togetherness and solidarity. There is a deep meaning of peace with this gemstone as Black Agate provides inner reflection and insight.


Other Information


This agate is a type of agate or chalcedony, and due it being home for various kinds of minerals, it can host a wide variety of colors, if not being multi-colored. It is found often in the Americas and in Europe. Other variants may appear in other parts of the world.



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