Often called the “Stone of Change,” Botswana agate is a royal agate gem known for an earthy color palette consisting of browns, grays, peaches, and pinks, with signature white bands. This type of agate is mined in Botswana, a country in South Africa, which is where it gets its name. This gem has many beneficial properties and is ideal for creating balance. Learn more about Botswana crystals and take a look at all the varieties we have on offer.

Positive Properties of Botswana Agate

Most Botswana crystals are characterized by an “eye” formed by their signature white bands. An agate gem with a central eye will protect you and bring you good fortune. Ordering a selection of pink or gray stones will also increase your luck in life!

In addition to luck and protection, Botswana gems give off a quiet energy that can help you center yourself in times of strife. It also brings comfort, making it an ideal stone for those experiencing grief. Keep the crystals with you if you think you might encounter negativity, as this form of agate can take in toxicity while giving off a sense of stability. You’ll feel a stronger sense of composure when you carry it with you as a pocket stone or palm stone, or when you place a natural stone or polished gemstone in your office!

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