Copper is a divine metal which acts as a conductor of healing and cleansing energies through the 3 bodies.  Because it can easily conduct electricity it also easily conducts all other forms of energy.  Copper is a filter which siphons away all negative energies and only conducts positive energy.  For this reason it is often used with other gemstones and divine metals to make sure the pure power of any gemstone or metal is gifted to you in its pure form.  Copper is a deeply responsive mineral that stimulates the soul like a heartbeat; continuously empowering you towards a higher consciousness.  Copper naturally repels negative energy and will keep evil spirits from intruding in your life.  When you work with copper in magic it keeps everything you are doing pure and untainted by the energies or influences surrounding you.  It is a magnet for positive power and will push positive energy through your body while resolving negative thoughts and undesirable emotions.  Copper is a wondrous stone to work with as it complements any other gemstone or divine metal it works with.  Copper is an amplifier who ensures the powers of any other gemstone or metal comes through to you in purity and direct power.  You will find copper to be an essential part of your life as it is such an endearing and lovable metal.


Other information
Copper's locality knows no bounds and is all around the world, America and Europe can be seen as 'hotspots' however. Chemical properties are simply copper.


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