Girasol Quartz, also called girasol opal, is an ancient mineral found in Madagascar. This pale pink quartz variety is known for its subtle yet all-powerful calming energy. Often clear and milky, this vibrant gemstone can help bring a sense of balance to our emotions and impulses. When the girasol stone is utilized during meditation, it can be an outstanding mineral tool for visualization, the guided direction of energy, and understanding dream paths.

Enhanced Creativity

Besides achieving emotional balance, this stone also boosts our creative juices. This gift can help anyone in need to magnify their vision, including artists and business professionals. The girasol opal can help heal emotional wounds, allowing a more productive outlet for thoughts and feelings.

A Mighty Motivator

When we feel stuck in life and need a little motivation, the robust girasol stone is a must! This gem holds the ability to connect with the user’s energy, allowing self-healing to take place. Once this process is done, it clears away emotions that may be holding that person back from achieving life-long dreams.


Wide Variety of Uses

Gemstones can be used at any place and at any time. The more you wear the girasol quartz or carry it with you, the more benefit it will provide. Keeping this stone close to your chakras will also encourage self-love. You can wear it as a pendant to soothe the heart or wear it as a ring for more inner balance.

Whichever way you choose to carry this mighty magnet of free-flowing energy on or near you, you will feel the difference within and see the positive changes around you. Explore Crystal Gemstone Shop and find the best way to bring the girasol stone into your life today!