Phantom Quartz opens your mind and helps you erase the predefined restrictions of society and let the flow of spiritual ideas and mysticism run through you. This gemstone helps you unveil secrets & mysteries from within your soul; encouraging you to look forward in your life and realize true potential. Phantom Quartz is a great gemstone to work with to overcome the ghosts of the past, to let things go in your life which are toxic to your happiness, and being confident enough to pursue greater life goals.

Clear Phantom Quartz can bring you great clarity, help you strengthen your spiritual energy & power, and will help you be guided by higher forces of enlightenment and spiritual strength.

Green Phantom Quartz grounds you through organic power and helps you tap into your inner healer and inner child. This is a fantastic stone for crystal healers as it facilitates positive energy channeling which creates flows large enough for Universal work or concentrated enough for personal work.

Purple (Amethyst) Phantom Quartz stimulates your natural, psychic abilities and helps you to listen to your intuitive power. It helps you receive and understand visions which reveal important information about your present and future.

Phantom Quartz typically comes in clear, green, and purple color. It looks like another piece of quartz is trapped inside, giving it a ghostly appearance when gazing through the crystal, which is why it is also known as Ghost Quartz.