Rhyolite is an enchanting stone whose hypnotic formation lends itself to a wish-granting power unlike many others. This gemstone can make dreams come true, will guide you realizing your purpose and give you a hypnotic drive towards success & fulfillment of your deepest desires in life. In the presence of this stone you feel invigorated and ready to pursue a day of happiness and passion. It gives you strength, confidence and assertive determination to not settle for anything less than what you really want. It will amplify the work of any Destiny, Wish-Granting and Confidence spells and spirits.

Bird's Eye Rhyolite helps you to see the bigger picture in life and not see only what you want to see. The gemstone creates a field of vision to encourage you to view the world and your place within it rather than being blinded by the expectations of others. Bird's Eye Rhyolite shows you what you need to know when you meditate with the gemstone; revealing the future.