Ruby Zoisite holds two powerful gemstones in one; Ruby and Zoisie. The natural ruby gemstone grows within the Zoisite creating a vivid and bright pallete of color. The two find harmony in their natural creation holding sway of two Elemental forces; Fire & Earth. With this stone you find yourself aligned with the Elemental powers of Fire and Earth together. They balance each other well and therefore create a supernatural balance within you. Ruby Zoisite opens your psychic powers and allows you to receive the guidance and wisdom of spirit guides around you. It expands your mind and your global consciousness for working with many paths of spiritual power. The stone settles the nerves and brings an inner focus of calm within the 3 bodies. You will also find this stone engages your passion, delight in power and a perfect connection with desire, lust and self-confidence. It uses the natural passionate energy within the stone to promote compassion as well as transforming unspent energy into motivation. You will discover the many enlightening powers of the stone as it dynamically supports you through all happy and unhappy situations through life. It can be a stone of strength for support, can help you overcome difficult times in life with grace, and can be the beacon that shines to lift you even higher during victorious times in your life.