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Our raw Fluorite crystal chunks are full of rough, natural beauty, featuring a gorgeous range of colors. Rough gemstones like these are a wonderful addition to the altar table or to home decor and have a more rustic, organic appeal than tumbled stones. Bring home an enchanting piece of Fluorite today and welcome the spiritual gifts of the stone into your life!

Fluorite is a natural crystal that can be found in a variety of shades, from nearly colorless to full-bodied Purple Fluorite, Green Fluorite, even Blue Fluorite! When Fluorite exhibits multiple colors within one piece, it is usually referred to as Rainbow Fluorite. While some of these raw crystals are Rainbow Fluorite, many are Purple Fluorite or Green Fluorite-- the two most recognizable hues of the gem.

The meaning of Fluorite is emotional connection and a stronger awareness of our place in the universe, particularly regarding the way all living things rely on one another. Fluorite's metaphysical properties make it excellent for this purpose, and it is a true gem for bridging the Heart Chakra through to the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Fluorite resonates with the knowledge that we are not alone and that our actions ripple through creation, allowing us to better understand where we fit into the intricate pattern. This intense feeling of belonging is why Fluorite is often used in meditation by those experiencing loneliness or sorrow.

Product Information:
You will receive one Fluorite rough gemstone chunk measuring approximately 1 - 1.75 inch long.

These specimens have been suffused with mineral oil to prevent damage during transit and to allow the Fluorite's color to stand forth as strongly as possible, but they remain rough, unpolished natural Fluorite and will feature pits, dips, texture, and inclusions inherent to the growth patterns of the stone.

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Customer Reviews

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Great flourite rough stones

So pretty. I put them on a light stand and the color shows so well.


just as pictured, very happy with purchase


I'm very disappointed. The picture shows beautifully colored stones, and the one i got in the mail is completely dark. It's so dark that it's almost black.. Very very disappointed.

Hi there, Caitlin
We reached out to you for a photo of the stone you received in sunlight, but after chatting with you we did not receive a photo. I'm hoping this means that the stone is more pleasing it sunlight. Since these items are natural Fluorite and may exhibit dark shades of purple or green, direct light on them they will show their more vibrant side. :)

Jacqueline Lingg
Fluorite chunk

This is very pretty. I love it!

Unique Piece!

This raw fluorite is beautiful! You can feel it's umbrella of energy the moment you open it. The stone is true to the ad in its size, def worth it! Putting mine on display. You folks are the best <3 ty so much!