Green Goldstone Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties of Green Goldstone

Stone for Emotions, Fantasy & Mind

Green Goldstone is a wonderful gemstone to work with to feel and control the full spectrum of emotion. It is a gemstone that connects the heart & mind together through the power of Mother Earth, allowing for emotional healing, past life memory resolution, and strengthening the spiritual bond you share with the Earth. Green Goldstone is a shimmering gemstone that sparkles in the light and stimulates your ability to see within myth & legend; opening and expanding your mind to all possibilities within the Universe. Green Goldstone makes you aware of the magic in life and helps you to be more in tune with your thoughts & emotions in every area of life.

You will receive one stone of your choice of size, approximately:

Small: 0.5"-1"
Medium: 1"-1.5"

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Customer Reviews

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Tumbled Green Goldstone

The size was exactly as stated. It's a beautiful deep green glittery stone. The deep green and glitter will take your breath away.


I received this in my monthly subscription box. I have never seen a stone with this type of glittery effect before. It is a very cool stone. It looks like there is glitter all throughout the stone. You can’t even tell at all from the pictures what it looks like. I received a coupon for the store inside my subscription box and I just ordered a blue goldstone and a red goldstone so I can make a complete collection of goldstones! I hope the other 2 colors look as glittery as the green goldstone :) . ✨💎💗💎✨

Nice! This is my second order from this store and I will...

Nice! This is my second order from this store and I will shop here again. I appreciate the thoughtful packaging and surprises that come with shopping here. When I am looking for more I will check here first.