Labradorite Gemstone Polished Pendulum

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Labradorite

Labradorite is the stone of waking magickal power from within. It naturally stimulates and draws to the surface your amazing power as related to spirituality, mysticism, magick and the paranormal. You will discover hidden talents and magick within yourself as labradorite leaves no stone unturned when in your presence. Labradorite can spawn prophetic visions, align you with telepathic power, awaken your clairvoyant abilities, and make you a far more powerful psychic. The influence of labradorite abounds like a mystical beacon that distinctly empowers your supernatural gifts.

Labradorite is a greyish stone that has gorgeous flashes of blue, green and gold lurking beneath its surface. It looks as though supernatural fire is trapped beneath the stone.


 Tool of Divination, Magic, and Spirit World Communication

Pendulums are an ancient tool of divination which has been used for centuries and has been fashioned from gemstone, metal, stone, wood, and even clay. The pendulum is suspended from a chain, which is pinched between your thumb & index finger or thumb & middle finger. No pressure should be applied to the movement of the pendulum; it should be allowed to move freely on its own. There are many ways to use pendulums for communication and pendulums can be conduits for messages from spirits & ancestors, from spirits guides, and direct you towards signs. Pendulums can be used with communication mats, spirit boards, or with simple "Yes" or "No" written on paper. Practicing pendulum communication will increase your accuracy.


You will receive one pendulum between 1 1/4" - 2 1/4" in gemstone length. The pendulum chain length varies between 6" - 6 1/2".

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Customer Reviews

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Love this pendulum.

I wish I could include a photo of the pendulum I recieved. This will be the first labrodite I now have that is stunning. I'm thinking of making a kneclace with this to wear everywhere. The shades are gorgeous, the shine is bright, the size is perfect and his balance is right-on. I love this and recommend it as well.


I absolutely love this the color on my pendulum

Labradorite pendulum

This pendulum is such a nice size, actually I was surprised to see it look so beautiful. I am very satisfied with its vibrancy and feel.

Labradorite pendulum

I absolutely love it!!! When you move it in the light you get flashes of color!


Wonderful pendulum and fast shipping.