Looking for a particular natural gemstone? Use our alphabetized list to quickly locate what you need. We have a wide variety of healing gemstones, crystals, and jewelry for your home or crystal healing practice. Whether you’re searching for raw, tumbled, shaped, polished, or carved stones, you’ll find rare and beautiful gems here.

Each gemstone has different metaphysical properties that sets it apart. Browse our extensive collection of gemstones online to unearth stones that foster clarity, creativity, intuitive power, elemental connection, and much more. With our extensive knowledge, we can help you discover a gemstone that fits your current path and deepens your wellbeing. Get in touch with us if you need assistance. We’d love to help you out!

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Hand-Picked Healing Gemstones

We partner with mines and stonemasons across the world to cut out the middleman and provide you with hand-picked, high-quality gemstones at the best prices. Every gem has a unique history, natural power, and something different to bring into your life. 

In addition to metaphysical properties, we cover the scientific details of each gemstone, including size, composition, color, point of origin, and how they’re formed. Rock hounds will be able to obtain rare natural gemstones from around the world to add to their collection.

Gemstone Jewelry

Adorn yourself with stunning gemstone jewelry to experience the beneficial effects of crystal healing in a whole new way. We offer an extensive collection of jewelry ranging from casual to fine with many different gemstone options. See rings, pendants, and bracelets all featuring gorgeous gemstones.

Enjoy Shopping for Gemstones Online

We love crystals, and we love sharing them with you. When you buy from Crystal Gemstone Shop, you’ll get a free gemstone and hand-written note with every purchase and free shipping on orders over $99. Explore our wares and enlighten your space today!