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These freeform Smoky Quartz crystals are mini sized, making it easier than ever to add tumbled stones to your daily life. Smoky Quartz has been used throughout history as a stone of protection and in scrying, making it a sought after stone of power. Carry Smoky Quartz when you want to shield yourself against malicious energy or as a conduit for the magick within.

Product Information:
These Smoky Quartz tumbled stones are approximately 0.3 - 0.7 Inch in length.
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These are freeform pale specimens, and will feature irregular shaping and light coloration. Some stones may also feature natural Citrine as a bonus

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz was known to the Druids as a "Stone of Power". It was integral in ceremonies and rites of magick as the stone was known to be a guide for souls to the afterlife. Throughout history, smoky quartz has reigned as a respected and honored stone in magick and is often referred to as a "Shaman Stone" because of its use in scrying, divination, rituals, and ceremonies of spiritual contact. Smoky quartz is a natural protective force in the spirit world, barring evil entities from entry into this world and keeping malicious energy out of the home. It guards against psychic attacks, stress, negative energy, and plaguing forces. In ancient times smoky quartz was believed to hold the smoke of Dragon's fire which was believed to be a cure-all for supernatural ailments.

Smoky Quartz Properties
Smoky Quartz ranges from a pale grey to a deep and full-bodied brown-black. It is also known as Irradiated Quartz.  It may also show a slightly yellow coloration due to natural Citrine intergrowth.

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