Rose Quartz Polished Tumbled Gemstone - [ 0.75" - 1" ]

Stone of Love

Need a little love in your life? Rose quartz—also known as the love stone—may soon become your best gem friend. In addition to attracting romance, our tumbled rose quartz for sale may also offer superb emotional healing benefits due to its reported ability to increase self-esteem. Its irresistible red-and-pink color or pale pink hue is yet another reason to add this gemstone to your collection.

You will receive one Rose Quartz measuring approximately 0.75" - 1".

The Power of Rose Quartz

Raw or tumbled, rose quartz has developed a reputation for connecting people to every form of love in the universe. When you grab a hold of this stone, don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden surge of nurturing and romantic energies wash over your being with both acceptance and power. You may also experience reduced anger and jealousy, as well as greater levels of peace.

Rose quartz furthermore promotes excellent emotional emotional health, self-discovery, and a strong appreciation for the life you have been given. With this polished rose quartz stone, feeling hopeful and compassionate toward others may come easier for you.

Why Crystal Gemstone Shop

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we’re proud to offer you carefully sourced rose quartz for sale from across the globe. Every order includes colorful, full-page printouts listing each gem’s metaphysical properties. We also provide an earth-friendly paperless option at checkout if you prefer.

Keeping the planet safe is important to us. That’s why we use minimal plastic in our packaging. In the last three years, we’ve reduced our plastic use by 90% as part of our commitment to a more sustainable environment. Uncover the best tumbled rose quartz for your needs at Crystal Gemstone Shop today.

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Customer Reviews

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Karleigh Hewett

I got a rose quartz as one of my free bonus stones and OMG it is so beautiful!

Loved it! Came with FREE ONES!

I was soooooo excited receiving my crystals. Great packaging and I got a pen! I use it everyday. So glad. Making another purchase now! Love it

Jocelyn Mares
Love it !

Love the rose quartz I got!

Nevaeh Hulse
Great Product

It is so pretty and i am so glad i purchased from this business. they have great product and service! Thank you so much Crystal Gemstone!!!

i carry her everywhere with me

it’s absolutely beautiful and i love how the package came with the details about the crystals. here’s this cutie who put the crystals on his head like me🥺