Agatized Coral

Metaphysical Properties of AGATIZED CORAL

Agatized Coral helps to build and strengthen weaknesses within yourself and your life to ensure a happier and more fulfilling future. Agatized Coral encourages positive and healing relationships whether it is with your lover, friend, family, or self. The stone opens your mind to reconciliation, negotiation, and compromise while ensuring you do not overstep your boundaries and give too much of yourself away. It is a fossilized stone which vibrates with the Water Element, and promotes structured thinking, so it can help you to solve problems in life, find easier paths to goals and dreams, and create a strong connection with the emotional healing and restorative powers of the Water Element. It is a supportive stone with a communal energy that allows us to have a better sense of our place in the universe and the many connections we have to others. In this way, Agatized Coral reminds us that we are never alone.

Agatized Coral typically has beautiful, ghostly fossils within the stone. The stone may be in hues of white, ivory, tan, red, maroon, brown, gold, or other natural fossil tones.

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