Ammonite Fossil

Metaphysical Properties of Ammonite

Ammonites are fossils of the Cretaceous period, holding energies for more than 370 million years! The level of grounding and Earthen energy found within these fossils is absolutely off the charts. They are the epitome of what the Earth can provide in spiritual healing and cleansing energies. Ammonite Fossils impart a sense of motivation and resilience when we are going through difficult times in life. They are natural filters that draw away the negative doubts and fears that crop up within us. Since they instill a positive thought process grounded in the nurturing nature of the Earth, they make excellent tools for introspective meditation. The organic spiral shape of Ammonite Fossils draws in positive influences, luck, and opportunities that will provide new avenues of growth.

As with all Fossils, Ammonites hold a wealth and abundance of ancient knowledge. Each one is unique, having seen the passing of many millions of years. Even partial fossils of this kind contain a depth of spiritual energy that can be harnessed by those seeking stability and guidance.

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