Black Moonstone Use & Properties

Black Moonstone Use & Properties

Black Moonstone Use & Properties

Moonstone is essentially a type of feldspar that has a white-blue schiller. While you're probably familiar with a peachy moonstone or white moonstone, black moonstone is a grey or black variety with the tell-tale smile. It may feature internal fractures along its natural growth pattern, as it grows in planes.

Moonstone is also called hecatolite and pierre de lune. Pierre de lune is French for moonstone, where "pierre" means stone, and "lune" means moon. With the basic French lesson out of the way, we can talk about moonstone gemstone use and properties.

While moonstone is quite beautiful, it only ranks about a 6–6.5 on the Mohs scale. This makes it slightly less than ideal for jewelry, since it can be prone to accidental damage and scratches. As if to add insult to injury, moonstone also has perfect cleavage, which means it's easy to split.

The lack of a decent hardness rating and perfect cleavage certainly hasn't stopped people from trying, and moonstone is commonly used for rings and pendants. But, honestly, we can't blame jewelers on this one. Moonstone is just downright gorgeous with its amazing schiller. If you choose to wear moonstones, then do be careful.

Black moonstones in heart bowl

Unsurprisingly, moonstone has been used for jewelry purposes for thousands of years. Romans liked the stone, and it enjoyed popularity for much of the medieval period.

Despite the fact that the moonstone gemstone is not mined in Florida (and does not naturally occur there), it is the State Gemstone. The reason why is actually quite nice. In 1970, the state chose it to honor the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Aside from jewelry, we couldn't find many practical or industrial uses for moonstone specifically. When it comes to the feldspar group specifically, there are various uses among the different rocks there.

Believe it or not, moonstone isn't the only type of stone that has this schiller effect. Moonstone just refers to this specific type of feldspar. Another type of feldspar that displays a similar effect is the labradorite stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Black Moonstone

Please note that many claims made by the metaphysical or crystal healing community regarding the properties of crystals have not been verified by science or healthcare professionals. Therefore, the use of crystals should not replace professional care or treatment. It's important to understand that no scientific evidence supports the idea that certain crystal formations or colors provide any benefits aside from the placebo effect.

While meditation has some benefits, it should not be considered a substitute for verified medical practices. If you have any concerns about your health, please seek help from medical experts. The claims made by the crystal healing community should never be considered an alternative to seeking professional medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

Crystal healers believe that:

"Black Moonstone speaks to our inner mysteries and secrets. It is a gemstone that channels lunar energy and surrounds us with the glow of celestial light. It is a great gemstone for illusion work and for shrouding the aura from prying eyes. It is a stone for protecting lovers in secret, for helping you keep secrets from others, and for remaining trustworthy when you are keeping secrets for others. As a lunar gemstone it speaks to the power of the moon, the sacred feminine, and the water element, providing the powers of mental flexibility, adaptability, and compassion."

Black moonstone gemstones on log

The Wrap Up

The moonstone gemstone is a beautiful stone with a creamy white and blue schiller effect that as made it a popular stone for centuries. We are so glad to have these magnificent stones within our collection!

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