Apricot Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of Apricot Quartz

Apricot Quartz encourages enlightenment, connection to your higher self, and higher understanding of your actions and thoughts. This stone speaks to the Heart Chakra and opens your heart to emotions and feelings of personal achievement, confidence, and self-love. Apricot Quartz helps open your eyes to the opportunities which may have gone overlooked and allows you to seek prosperity via avenues you may not have perceived before. Apricot Quartz is a stone of letting go of social pressures and personal burdens, allowing you to build a more positive mindset as you seek happiness.

Apricot Quartz is also known as Peach Quartz or Sun Quartz, and derives its coloration from inclusions within the stone. It may show pale yellow to deep yellow coloration, often mixed with milky Quartz.

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