Jet Stone for Natural Cleansing

Jet Stone for Natural Cleansing

A Guide for the History, Meaning, Metaphysical Uses, Purposes, Crystal Healing, and Properties of the Jet-Black Gemstone

Jet provides a strong foundation of support while stimulating your natural psychic abilities to foresee important decisions and situations that impact your personal life.

What Is Jet?

Jet stone has been referred to as "black amber" in the past. People today describe “deep black” as “jet black.”

Note that jet is an organic gemstone and not a mineral. It is formed from old wood that experienced high pressures. Although it is not quite like amber, it does have a similar history in that it has been traded and used for jewelry or talismans for centuries.

Photo of amber up close

Us and the Stone

Some people have been named after the well-known jet stone with some popular variations, such as “Jett.” It is a short and powerful yet uncommon name that deserves more use. Like many gemstone names, however, “Jett” fell out of popularity after the Victorian era.

Jet has also been associated with the name Julius. Julius is a powerful name associated, of course, with the one-and-only Julius Caesar. Julius is also commonly associated with Pope Julius II, also known as the Warrior Pope, another figure of immense power.

Jet has additionally found popularity in the rock scene, as Joan Jett remains the cool Queen of Rock.

Jet has planetary influence with Saturn as well, and despite its relationship with power, it actually signifies sorrow if found in a dream. Nonetheless, it remains a popular gemstone, particularly among men.

Jet jewelry and figurines have a rich tradition with various traditional forms that had a strong presence in the 19th century. The Victorians had their love of stones, and jet was certainly no exception. 

It had been used for funeral jewelry and was especially worn during mourning (source: This is none too surprising, since black is commonly associated with mourning.

Jet is also said to signify sorrow, and it was used in the past for grief healing.

However, more typical kinds of wear and style were popular, too. The traditional forms of Jet jewelry and figurines includes all the typical stuff, like pendants, rings and statuettes. However, rosaries and prayer beads weren't uncommon. These forms have stood the test of time and continue to be significant in the world of Jet jewelry, showcasing the enduring beauty and cultural significance of this mineral.

The value of the jet stone, much like many minerals, is determined by several key properties, including color, cut, luster, and authenticity. In terms of color, jet stones can range from brown to black, with the most valuable ones being the stark black varieties. Additionally, some jet specimens may exhibit the natural wood structure they originated from, adding to their uniqueness and value. When it comes to the cut of jet, it can be shaped into faceted designs or carved into intricate shapes, with the intricacy of the carvings requiring a higher level of skill. Common forms of jet jewelry include cameo and intaglio carvings, as well as options like cabochons, beads, and inlays.

Jet Stone Meaning, Metaphysical Properties, and Uses

The meaning behind jet stone has to do with its ability to swallow up negative energies with ease. As such, this cool-looking stone also remains a popular gemstone for cleansing, motivation, decision-making, and positivity.

The Wrap-Up

Jet stone is organic, strong, and influential. Some love it because of its association with power, and some love it simply because it looks and sounds cool.

Jet and other crystals and gemstones are nature's true beauties, but keep in mind that they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical, legal, health, or financial advice. Crystals and gemstones are to be used in conjunction with any professional care you are receiving and do not provide healing, cures, or other remedies that modern medicine can provide.

The information provided in our listings with regard to the powers of crystals and gemstones at Crystal Gemstone Shop are all derived from personal and professional experience with crystals and gems, as well as ancient wisdom and texts documenting knowledge gained from civilizations around the world. They are not backed by the FDA or scientific/government resources.

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We hope you enjoyed this look at jet stone’s meaning, metaphysical properties, and history!

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