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Mookaite Jasper Healing Properties, Metaphysical, How to Use


Mookaite Jasper Healing Properties, Metaphysical, How to Use

Stone of Ancient Respect

 A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the Ancient Mookaite


History of Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite is a stone that has been used and loved by Indigenous Australian cultures for centuries. It's not hard to see why this stone caught on globally. It has a unique mix, swirl, and band of colors that make it a prime choice for decoration!

mookaite orbs

Mookaite is only mined in one area of the world: Mooka Station, Australia. So, in many ways, Mookaite is an interesting and unique stone like nobody has seen before!

Scientific Information 

Mookaite Pronunciation: /muːkaɪt/ (moo-kite)

Mookaite Misspellings: Mookite, Mukaite

Hardness: 6-7

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: N/A

Etymology: Named after the Mooka Station where it was found

Location: Australia

An unofficial term for silicified radiolarite, this odd, but peculiar, rock has attracted many enthusiasts across the globe. This variety comes from, and is exclusive to, Western Australia. Specifically, it is found near the Mooka Station. Mookaite, unfortunately,  is not important for science. Its parent variety, radiolarite, is and there are extensive studies on the material’s history. Radiolarite was used for tools and weapons. As advanced metallurgy became common, stone tools were faded out. Today, radiolarite’s purpose is in geography and biology.  

Metaphysical Properties

Mookaite provides motivational energies for those on the spiritual path. Many love it and respect it, as the stone can inform you about your weaknesses.

  • Stone for Success
  • Stone for Peace
  • Stone for Motivation
  • Stone for Personal Growth
This stone can provide evolutionary energies, helping you clear blockages or overcome obstacles on your metaphysical road. 

The Wrap Up

Mookaite is simply a delightful splash of colors swirling around on a stone. We can't help but feel drawn to the unusual yet gorgeous display we see before us. The stone possesses motivational powers and capabilities that make it a good match for just about anyone!  Mookaite Jasper has incredible healing properties for those who work with crystal healing, and has metaphysical properties that are perfect for work with meditation and yoga.


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mookaite heart



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