Tree Agate Properties & Information

Tree Agate Properties & Information

Tree Agate Properties & Information

Tree agate is a crystal with a fairly pretty appearance of whites, greens, and browns; this has led to the naming of the stone.

The Green

Tree agate is known for its white and green appearance, and it kind of reminds us of a tree covered with snow in that regard. If it has brown or black inclusions, then those are called the "branches." Tree agate is a variety of chalcedony with green mineral inclusions. Green minerals themselves are pretty common, and since chalcedony is extremely common, there's a bit of variety as to what mineral gives it that sprawling network of greenery-like patterns.

Tree agate is a misnomer. The stone is, by definition, not an actual agate since it lacks the banding patterns that define agate. Both agate and tree agate are varieties of chalcedony, though, which might have led to some of the confusion.

Moss agate is less commonly known as "Mocha stone," as it was mined from Mocha, Yemen.

As is the case with moss agate, the name does not imply organic inclusions; it refers to the stone's appearance. The name is not a synonym with dendritic agate, which has tree-like formations within the stone.

Tree agate's hardness lends it to being an unusual yet welcome choice for jewelry, though you are more likely to find pretty carvings instead, as they generally show off the branching pattern of the green inclusions much better. Beaded bracelets are also a common choice for this mineral.

Tree agate on white background

Because it's a fairly common and inexpensive stone, tree agate (or moss agate) has become an element in crystal collections all around the world. For gem lovers who appreciate a more earthy palette, then this stone often enters the conversation due to its blend of brown and green colors.

Chalcedonies have a long history of being used for tools and jewelry. All varieties of chalcedony were well-known among different cultures for superstitions. Tree agate was held as a stone of good luck and support, and thus wearing it or having it near one was considered to bring fortune.

Due to the unique patterns on the stone, some believed that the stone was connected with the Earth; this is in spite of the fact that the stone's formations are not because of organic inclusions.

Moss Agate or Tree Agate?

We often get questions or inquiries about certain stones. "Is this tree agate? Or is this moss agate?" is a very common one. These two stones are often mistaken as the other. The difference, however, is actually quite simple: moss agate has a translucent background, but tree agate has an opaque, white background.

Aside from this, the two stones are practically identical, as tree agate is merely a type of moss agate. However, since the white background is reasonably common, a different name was adopted to describe the variation. This is extremely common among various stones, so it is not unique to these two stones.

Metaphysical Properties of tree agate

Various spiritual and crystal communities use this stone for meditational or alternative healing purposes. The following claims are not verified or based in scientific reasoning, thought, examination, or observation; crystal healing is not verified or backed by any healthcare institution; these crystal healing claims are made from personal experience by crystal healing practitioners; crystal healing is no substitute or replacement for proper treatment or care, and one should always consult healthcare professionals and doctors. Many of these following claims are also in regards to historic—ancient, medieval, or renaissance—practice and superstition, and they are not claims that we would say are backed by scientific reason or observation.

Tree Agate is said to be a stone that brings inner peace, balance, and mystical enlightenment. The crystal community believes that tree agate is a crystal that creates a profound connection to nature and grounds us to the restorative powers of the Earth, promoting renewal, growth, and spiritual healing. Crystal spiritualists believe that it is a stone that encourages evolution and transformation via an enhanced connection to the natural world, bringing an awareness of our impact on others and our place in the web of nature.

Tree Agate pumpkin carvings in hand

Furthermore, it is said that tree Agate has a gentle and passive energy that consistently provides cleansing power to one's three bodies, which is capable of quickly clearing blockages and chaotic energies by acting as a support stone that grounds one back to stability and security of Mother Earth.

Tree Agate is the cousin of Moss Agate and shares similar coloration. However, where Moss Agate may feature portions of clear or cloudy Agate, Tree Agate is known for grey-green, brown-green, or dark green "branches" against White Agate "clouds" or "snow." Crystal spiritualists believe that those who interpret Tree Agate as limbs against the sky will best benefit from the stone's qualities of growth and evolution, and they say that those who interpret Tree Agate as limbs laden with snow will find greater enjoyment in its power to encourage grounded and secure outlooks.

The Wrap Up

Tree agate is a pretty stone with an earthy color scheme that has lent it to be a common choice among certain aesthetic groups, such as cottage-core. Tree agate is a lovely stone that we love here, and we are thankful for you reading this blog!

Hand holding a tree agate ghost carving


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