Yellow Calcite: Stone for Light Within

Yellow Calcite: Stone for Light Within

Yellow Calcite

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the brilliant Yellow Calcite stone.

Yellow Calcite Pebbles

Stone for Light Within

Yellow calcite is a bright yellow stone that can feature a range of gold hues and can feature white binding.  It is a waxy-feeling stone when not highly-polished.

History of Yellow Calcite

Calcite is a stone that has been used for both practical and decorative purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians worked with calcite extensively, often for any affairs related to the afterlife such as canopic jars. Calcite was also used for navigation. The sage of Saint Olaf mentions the use of “sunstones” to aid sailors in navigation in the tenth century. Quarries in Iceland could easily harvest calcite crystals and are known to have been established in the 1400s.  An excavated Viking settlement unearthed calcite, indicating their possible usage by the inhabitants. Despite this, no “sunstones” have ever been found in Viking wreckages. Even stranger, there is evidence to suggest that the English borrowed the idea of crystal navigation from the Vikings as a calcite crystal as found in an Elizabethan wreckage. Even today calcite remains a popular mineral for the hard sciences. Currently, an “invisibility cloak” prototype exists. By using the birefringence of the crystal, it is possible under the right circumstances to create an invisibility cloak.  Though very limited and other avenues for invisibility are being explored, this physics trick has made invisibility no longer a myth grounded in fantasy or science fiction.

Metaphysical Properties

Yellow Calcite is a gemstone that reflects your inner light and helps you identify and strengthen the positive energy that flows within you.  It is great stone for those who want to meditate with their higher consciousness and tune with the universal state of awakening. 

  • Stone of Positive Energy
  • Stone for Enlightenment
  • Stone for Happiness
  • Stone for Good Luck
  • Stone for Meditation

Yellow Calcite is a stone that enriches the positive energy, encourages you to see the blessings and good things in your life, and opens new doors for light and enlightenment in your journey.  Yellow Calcite is a gemstone that brings you a richer connection with the light and hope that follows you, and acts as a prism of good vibes during meditation.

As a solar gemstone, Yellow Calcite resonates with all the good things in your heart and inspires you to feel enlightened by the positive forms of energy that you encounter every day.  It is a gemstone for those who love the Sun and who appreciate solar sources of power. It looks good in clusters, pendulums, or when tumbled!

Scientific Information

Hardness: 3

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Trigonal

Etymology: From the Latin name for Lime, “Calx”

Location: Global (most in Europe and North America)

The Wrap Up

Yellow Calcite is a stone of direction and purpose, resonating with the good that drives all of us to seek happiness and enrichment in life, and encircles us with the metaphysical energies and properties of the Sun. An orb of yellow calcite can look just as beautiful as the sun! 

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