Finding the right gemstone based on intention or desire can often be the easiest part of the journey. However, if you’re someone who wants to make sure that you have the right gemstone form to decorate your space or expand your collection of gorgeous crystals, you likely don’t want to go with the traditional raw pieces or gemstone points. Whether you’re looking to work with your crystals or simply looking to build your collection, stone spheres are a perfect choice!

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Discover the Power and Beauty

Crystal orbs and spheres make it easy to decorate your home and engage in crystal work all at the same time. Whether you decide to display your stone on a stand or a pillow, the gemstone spheres at Crystal Gemstone Shop have a bold presence, making them the perfect statement piece for anyone who visits your home or office. This also makes them easily accessible whenever you need a crystal for confidence, peace, or other metaphysical properties!

We offer crystal spheres and orbs in many sizes from 10mm up to 150mm. Our crystal orbs are made from hundreds of different stones. Some of the spheres in our collection include pieces made of rhodochrosite, quartz, obsidian, red jasper, rainbow moonstone, and more.

Bring Home Gorgeous Crystals

Gemstone spheres aren’t just decorative items. They’re useful day-to-day products that you can carry around and utilize wherever and whenever you need them! Here at Crystal Gemstone Shop, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality stones at the best prices so they can build their collection with ease. More importantly, we offer free shipping on orders over $99, free gemstones with every purchase, and a Loyalty Rewards Program to help you get even more from each consecutive purchase.

Ready to bring your new gem friend home? Explore our collection, check out our blog, or reach out to our team for help choosing the right stone for you!