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Fine Jewelry With Energetic Power

Our selection of unique gemstone rings, necklaces, and more are beautiful pieces for any fine jewelry collection, made even more powerful by the presence of exotic, high-vibration gemstones. Explore pieces with gemstones for cleansing, creativity, and love when you shop our 10K gemstone rings, pendants, and more.

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Handpicked 10K Gemstone Rings

Each of our 10-karat gemstone rings, necklaces, and more are hand-crafted by fine jewelers for a high-quality piece powered by unique and beautiful crystals and gemstones. They make gorgeous statement pieces for your next special event, or a beautiful addition to your everyday collection, too.

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About Crystal Gemstone Shop

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we have over 20 years of experience with crystal healing and gemstones. We bring this expertise to you by choosing each gemstone by hand for the highest quality and best price. When you shop our selection of crystal products, you’ll receive a free gemstone and handwritten note with every order.

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