Looking for a memorable gift? Choose a crystal gift box for your loved ones, or pick up a treat for yourself! Our gemstone gifts are amazing and offer hand-selected stones, gems, and crystals that are the perfect addition to any mineral or crystal collection. We carefully fill each box and kit with high-quality stones to enhance your collection, home decor, or spiritual journey. Browse our selection to find brilliant gems, stones, jewelry, and crystals!

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Zodiac Gemstone Kits

Give a thoughtful gemstone gift with a Zodiac gemstone kit. These curated kits help each astrological sign tap into their Zodiac-related mystic gifts. 

  • Place them in your car or on your nightstand or desk
  • Create crystal grids
  • Meditate or reflect while holding them
  • Use them for home decor and gem displays

Our Zodiac sets are tailored for every sign and their specific areas for growth and strength. You and your loved ones will feel appreciated and uplifted by these beautiful stones and their spiritual significance.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Our monthly gemstone and crystal gift boxes come with a mix of gemstone and crystal jewelry, tumbled stones, pyramids, towers, spheres, and special carvings. You will love the colorful, beautiful, and exciting selections in every box. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a delightful surprise each month, and watch your collection grow!

Hand-Picked Stones

In addition to crystal gift boxes, subscription boxes, and Zodiac gemstone sets, Crystal Gemstone Shop offers a range of gemstone gifts and kits to grow your collection. We hand-pick each stone to guarantee you get the highest quality possible at affordable prices. Explore our collection to find the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.